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"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."
-Albert Einstein


While there aren’t too many people around who can give us a firsthand account of what it was like to be in business during the Great Depression, there are many of us who have worked through the tough times of the past.  We have seen high unemployment, impossibly tight labor markets, inflation, stagflation, easy credit, no credit, stock market bubbles and stock market meltdowns.   

We would like to help you grow your organization's capabilities in ways that you didn’t think were possible or affordable.  In terms of organizational development and human resource development, we do things a little differently.  First, we will tell you that we don’t have "off the shelf solutions" for your challenges, but we know how work with you to develop  them.  Second, as you can see below, some of our approaches run contrary to generally accepted practices.  We believe that human resource law should work for you, not against you.  Finally, while we are in business to earn a profit, fees are the least of our concerns.  If we feel we don’t have an answer for you, we will tell you, and maybe even help you find someone who does.  If we feel we can help you, we will tell you how and work out a fee that is fair to both of us.  And we have always practiced spreading our fees to accommodate your cash flow.

 If you are not a current client, you are invited to put some of our expertise to use.  If you are already a client, you may want to expand your knowledge of our resources.  Below is a sampling of what we can help you do:
  • EXPAND YOUR SALES TERRITORY:  There are only two ways to grow. Expand your product line or expand your sales territory.  Contact Jim Robertson of MAR International Consulting at www.marintlconsulting.com for details.
  • ABOLISH YOUR PERFORMANCE APPRAISALS:  No one likes to do them. No one likes to get them.  There are other ways to develop your work force and hold employees accountable for the job you are paying them to do.
  • CREATE VARIABLE PAY:  Life is simple. Your compensation varies, so should that of your employees. Get employees to do what you need them to be doing.  This is a lot different than incentives or bonuses.  It may work for you.
  • CREATE RESULTS ORIENTED JOB DESCRIPTIONS:  Change the way employees view their responsibilities, focus on results, not tasks.
  • DITCH DIVERSITY:  We are more interested in finding the commonalties that create a productive, stable workforce.  These common characteristics can be found in all races, genders, ages and other immutable characteristics that a person may have.  After all, why wouldn’t you want to hire the best person for your job?
  • PAY HALF TIME FOR OVER TIME:  This is not a misprint.  This little known feature of the wage and hour law may apply to you.
  • DETERMINE IF YOUR SALES FORCE CAN SELL:  Would you like to know how the key sales skills of your sales people stack up to those of proven top sales professionals? We will assess their knowledge online and provide you with the answer.  Then you can decide if you try to improve them or replace them.
  • PRUNE YOUR DEADWOOD NOW:  The talent pool will never be this good once the recession is over. The shrinking labor pool crisis of the last decade has not ended, it is just in remission.  Now is the time to replace non-productive employees with skilled, motivated workers who actually show up every day.
  • DEVELOP YOUR LEADERS:  Leadership is always important, but in tough times effective leadership becomes even more important for developing a motivated workforce and strategic advantage.



Edward. M. Palanski 724.346.3534 or epalanski@empaconsultants.com for Human Resource Issues
Michael E. Palanski, PhD 607.206.2990 or mpalanski@empaconsultants.com for Organizational Development
James Robertson 724.866.6227 or jrobertson@marintlconsulting.com for International & Domestic Sales Growth