EMPA Consulting Group, LLC

"Leadership & Organizational Development Since 1992"

"We work with you, not for you. The difference is significant." 

As consultants to management we specialize in helping small and mid-sized companies develop productive, stable employment relationships. 
Dozens of organizations have retained our services to make finding and keeping good employees a lot easier.  We can assist you with much more than basic recruiting and HR compliance issues.  We can help you:


        Create variable pay plans that attract today's workers instead of scaring them away

        Conduct confidential employee surveys to diagnose critical employee issues

        Measure the ROI of your human capital to identify potential improvement points

        Conduct customer or client satisfaction surveys to provide true performance measurement

        Develop recruitment strategies to give you a competitive edge

        Establish policies that are both compliant and supportive of your vision and mission

        Institute performance management programs with bottom line results

        Provide answers to everyday HR questions

        Build high performing work teams

We also provide strategic planning and customized supervisory training at your site or ours.  Whatever your organization's size and purpose, we can help you find the right people, put them in the right places and keep them focused on doing the right things.

Improve your bottom line.  Call us today at 724.346.3534 to discuss your human resource needs and find out how we can help meet them.  It will cost you nothing to talk and you will have no decision to make unless you initiate a request for a proposal.  Our clients find our services to be a very cost-effective solution to their workplace issues.  Our policy of "no satisfaction, no fee" is unparalleled in the consulting industry. 


Contact us to request a meeting.  We will welcome the opportunity to make hiring and keeping good people a lot easier for you.






  • Recruiting
  • Variable Pay Plans
  • Employee Diagnostic Opinion Surveys
  • Customer/Client Satisfaction Surveys
  • HR Compliance and Effectiveness
  • Personnel Policies
  • Performance Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Benefit Program Analysis
  • High Performance Team Building
  • Supervisory Training
  • Human Resource Measurements