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"A life unexamined is not worth living" ~ Socrates

Leadership Development Coaching

Coaching is effective for those who are willing to honestly examine their beliefs and behaviors. Without participating in the exercises this process will not be as beneficial to you. The more a person puts into the process, the greater the outcome will be.


Strong leadership is dependent upon strong relationships. You have to determine who your constituencies are. Creating a list of people who depend upon you is the first step to figuring out your needs and how you can best meet those needs. You have to nurture the relationships with all constituencies in order to improve employee and customer relations.


You also have to examine the relationship between you and your boss. You are responsible for your boss's opinion of you. You have to learn what can be done to help manage your boss, and enhance your relationships with other “superiors.”


In short you have to reexamine the way that you work and how it affects the people around you in order to be an effective leader.


Leadership is personal; the coaching process fosters different results for each individual.  One of my roles is to help you customize your leadership approach. You need to have reasons behind your actions instead of acting solely out of habit.  There isn't one particular way to be a leader. Different strategies will work for different people.


Leadership isn't something a person just has. Leadership must be developed.